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Bamboo Square Crate Risers Items: 1944-6-60 (6Wx6Dx6H) 1944-9-60 (9Wx9Dx9H) 1944-12-60 (12Wx12Dx12H) 3332-4-60 (12Wx12Dx4H) 333.. Product #: 1944-60

Bamboo Square Crate Risers

Product Code: 1944-60
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1944-6-60 (6Wx6Dx6H)

1944-9-60 (9Wx9Dx9H)

1944-12-60 (12Wx12Dx12H)

3332-4-60 (12Wx12Dx4H)

3332-7-60 (12Wx12Dx7H)

3332-10-60 (12Wx12Dx10H)


These square risers bring life into any buffet, restaurant, or food presentation. They are able to be used as not only risers, but if flipped upside down they can be used as bins as well! The ability to use them not only as bins, but to have them fit inside each other makes it easy to save space!


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