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Modular Visual Merchandisers - Black Item- Merchandisers: 22318-13 (6X6 Footprint Merchandiser Stand)   22319-13 (6X6 Footprint Mercha.. Product #: 22311-4-12

Modular Visual Merchandisers - Black

Product Code: 22311-4-12
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22318-13 (6X6 Footprint Merchandiser Stand)  

22319-13 (6X6 Footprint Merchandiser Stand) 

22320-13 (12X12 Footprint Merchandiser Stand)

Acrylic Boxes:

22311-4-12 4X4X4
22312-2-12 6X3X2
22312-4-12 6X3X4
22313-2-12 6X6X2
22313-4-12 6X6X4
22313-6-12 6X6X6
22314-2-12 6X9X2
22314-4-12 6X9X4
22315-2-12 6X12X2
22315-4-12 6X12X4
22317-4-12 12X12X4


The Modular Merchandising Stand creates an easy solution to the common problem of clutter! Use this stand in tandem with our Modular Acrylic Boxes to showcase a dynamic presentation, thanks to the varying sizes and heights of boxes available! Use your imagination and create Merchandising Solutions that can fit any situation!

For example: The 12X12 Footprint merchandiser could hold a 12X12 Acrylic Box, or 2 6X12 Acrylic Boxes of varying heights!

Product Features:

  • Made of Metal
  • Use Acrylic Boxes as Stand-Alone Pieces or On Merchandisers!
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

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