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Bamboo Trays Item 1367-10-60 (12Wx9.75Dx1.25H) 1367-12-60 (19.75Wx11.75Dx1.25H)   Display and serve your pastries.. Product #: 1367-10-60

Bamboo Trays

Product Code: 1367-10-60
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1367-10-60 (12Wx9.75Dx1.25H)

1367-12-60 (19.75Wx11.75Dx1.25H)


Display and serve your pastries, snacks, baked goods and more with this attractive bamboo tray. These trays not only work well on their own, but also accompanied by plenty of Cal Mil items (listed below). Made using reused, recycled, or renewable resources, this item is a  green alternative to your simple trays!


Product Features:

  • For item 1330-12-13 or 1722
  • Eco-Friendly Product
  • Comes in 2 Sizes


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